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Roho AirLITE Cushion

Roho AirLITE Cushion

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The Roho AirLITE cushion is a non-adjustable, maintenance-free foam cushion with a ROHO air insert that conforms to your body while also preventing you from bottoming out in your cushion. The gentle contour of the leg trough helps you maintain the right position and posture, and lets you feel more secure.

Why Buy a Roho AirLite Cushion?

1. It lowers the front and middle of the cushion, making it easier to transfer.
2. It has a bottom-out protection system.
3. It is lightweight and non-adjustable

Who is the Roho AirLite Cushion for?

1. People who are at risk for skinsoft tissue breakdown
2. People who have normal sensation
3. People who require increased stability
4. People who require lower extremity alignment
5. People who need a lightweight, non-adjustable seating system
6. People who require a more stable environment for transfers

Support Information: 

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