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Roho Enhancer Bariatric Cushion

Roho Enhancer Bariatric Cushion

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The Roho ENHANCER Bariatric Cushion air cushion helps you feel more stable, especially if you have trouble with leg or thigh control. The multiple cell heights are contained within two independent inflation compartments (one for the ischial well and leg trough, the other for the lateral and medial thigh supports). This helps to keep your pelvis and legs in position.

Why Buy a Roho Enhancer Bariatric Cushion?

  1. It is anatomically pre-shaped, which helps to stabilize and guide the pelvis and thighs into position.

  2. It includes the option to offload your ITs.

  3. It has DRY FLOATATION Technology, which allows you to easily sink into the cushion without resistance

Who Should Buy a Roho Enhancer Bariatric Cushion

  1. People with stability issues while sitting.

  2. People with leg or thigh control issues.

  3. People who want to remain in a seated position for an extended period of time without experiencing pressure or discomfort

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