Funding Options

Cash/Check/Pay with Credit Card

While we are very happy to accept 100% down, most of our clients choose to pay 50% down and 50% when we complete the wheelchair.  If this is the right option for you we accept the following payment methods:

  1. Cash,
  2. Personal Check
  3. Wire Transfer and
  4. Credit Card payments

The way this option works:

You tell us if you want to pay 100% or 50/50 and we create one or two electronic invoices that you can pay from.  If you choose the 50/50 option we will send the first invoice, once paid and we have a confirmed wheelchair design we will start.  The second invoice will be at the time of delivery if local or at the time of shipping.

VA Funding

We are in the VA procurement system and bill the VA for wheelchairs and parts upon their request.  

The way this option works:

Work with your Recreation Therapist or main wheelchair contact.  We can provide our procurement number and work with our local VA.


We offer financing up to 36 months through Affirm.  Your interest rate is dependent on the length of the loan and other factors.  To learn more click here

We offer a second financing option through Shopify Shop Pay.  You have two options; 4 months or 12 months. 

Rates from 0%-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments, are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers

To access both financing options, click pay by Affirm or pay by Shop when you checkout.  This includes when we send you a custom invoice link through our website store. 

The way this option works:

You tell us you want to use this option, we create one full electronic invoice and send it to you.  When you receive the invoice you choose to pay via Affirm or Shop Pay.   You fill it out an application online of each system and you can see all your options at that open. If you are happy then you can move forward.  If not, contact us so that we can address any concerns you have.


There are a number of organizations that provide grants for wheelchairs.  Most grant organizations on this list focus on sports and adaptive equipment.  

The way this option works:

You apply directly to these organizations, we work with you to develop a quote for your new wheelchair.  When the grants it awarded you will be informed and the grant organization will cut us a check directly.  Upon receipt of the check, we start your wheelchair.


Challenge Athletes Foundation (CAF Grant):  All challenged athletes are eligible to apply for a CAF grant. A challenged athlete is an individual with a permanent physical disability pursuing an active lifestyle through physical fitness or competitive athletics.

Kelly Brush Foundation: The Kelly Brush Foundation is dedicated to making active lifestyles a reality for anyone with a spinal cord injury.

4 the Fallen is a non-profit org that raises awareness and provide critical programs to support injured veterans, 1st responders and fallen heroes.

Semper Fi Fund: Semper Fi & America’s Fund is dedicated to providing assistance to our combat wounded, critically ill and injured service members, military family members, and veterans, from all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces.

High Fives Foundation: High Fives focuses on preventing life-changing injuries and provides resources and hope if they happen.

Getting Back Up: We provide qualified individuals with funding for participation in exercise-based recovery programs and the purchase of adaptive products. 

Triumph Foundation: Triumph Foundation assists people with spinal cord injury (SCI) to get the necessary equipment, supplies, and services.

IM ABLE Foundation: IM ABLE Grants are awarded to individuals with physical, cognitive, and/or behavioral challenges residing in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing adaptive sports gear and group fitness programs.


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