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Wheelchair Bearings

Easy-Switch Off-Road Wheelchair Wheels (Pair)

Easy-Switch Off-Road Wheelchair Wheels (Pair)

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If you use 24" tires on your wheelchair you can easily swap them out with these Easy-Switch Off-Road Wheelchair Wheels without having to adjust your brakes.

These wheels use hubs, spokes, and rims made by Spinergy and are paired with 22" Kenda Nevegal tires.

These wheels are modeled after a pair of wheels I made for my son for Baseball a number of years ago.  I did not want to have to adjust the brakes all of the time so I used 22" rims with a Kenda Nevegal off-road tires. Once I adjusted the brakes the first time with both sets of wheels on I have not had to adjust them again. Since 24" wheelchair wheels are the most common size wheelchair wheel, it makes sense to have a swap-able off-road wheel.  

1/2" Spacer Yes or No?

If you have 1" or more of room between your current everyday wheels and your frame/sideguards, then select No to the 1/2" Spacer.  

If on the other hand it is tight and or you know you want to grab the whole tire when going over rough terrain, OR if you don't know, then select YES to the 1/2" Spacer.  Trapping your thumb between the wheel and the safeguard hurts. 

Let's talk front casters for a second.  It makes sense to pair this rear wheel with a wider front caster.  My son uses a 6" x 1.4" front caster with both his 24" x 1" wheels and his Easy-Switch Off-Road wheels.  With the larger front caster, it is easy for him to navigate across cracks in the sidewalk or grass on the baseball diamond.  If you are running small thin front casters, trying to go off-road may be very hard.  We would suggest having 1.4" wide front caster.

This wheel would also pair nicely if you have a FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment.  You could go over some very aggressive terrain with these off-road wheels and a FreeWheel.

Spokes 14 Gauge
Spoke Count 30
Spoke Colors Silver
Spinergy Handrim Options Silver Aluminum
Wheel Size(s) 22" but with 2" Nevegal tires makes a 24" wheel
Spoke Specification Radial Laced Wheels with straight pull spokes.
Bearing Sizes Stainless steel 1/2"
Wheel Weight 776g/Wheel


Don't use a 24" wheel?  Other sizes are available. 

 Note: Not Designed or recommended for folding wheelchairs.

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