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Reckless Wheelchairs

Reckless Wheelchairs Leather Impact Guards (Pair)

Reckless Wheelchairs Leather Impact Guards (Pair)

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We made a wheelchair for Tim E. (@dead_legs_).  When he came into our shop for his fitting, he had made these cool leather impact guards.  We went nuts over them.  We found out that he is a leather smith so we asked him to make some for us with our logo stamped in.  These leather impact guards come in lengths 12" and 10" and are designed for wheelchairs that use 1.25" tubing.  They will not work with 1" tube or 7/8" tubing.  They will be too big.


Length: 12" and 10"
Tube Diameter: 1.25"What's Included:  2x leather guards, 2x paracord laces

Installation Instruction:

This is like lacing up a pair of shoes.  Start at the bottom and loosely lase them up to the top.  Then position the impact guard in the direction you want and from the bottom up tighten the laces all the way up. The leather will almost come together in the back. Very important: Do not crank on it as the paracord will cut through the holes of the leather.  You do want the guards to be tight as the leather will give a little as it settles in.  If you have questions let us know.

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