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RWC Speed Wheels (4 Pack) - High-Performance 72mm 98A Wheelchair Rugby and Basketball Casters

RWC Speed Wheels (4 Pack) - High-Performance 72mm 98A Wheelchair Rugby and Basketball Casters

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This is a high-performance wheelchair sports caster wheels designed by Paralympic Wheelchair Athletes in conjunction with one of the leading designers of caster wheels in the USA.  The material is formulated for competition wood flooring along with synthetic rollerblade and gym floors.  The shape is pointed as compared to transitional wheelchair sports caster wheels to reduce rolling resistance and increase turn performance.  These wheels are harder 98A as compared to standard 92A to further enhance speed and performance characteristics.  Lastly, the bearing used was designed by Wheelchair Bearings specialty for wheelchair use.  It uses high-performance grease found on world-class bicycle racing as compared to the oils used in skateboard which leach out quickly. The very high-quality ball bearings themselves are in a riveted metal cage as completed to a traditional polymer cage.  The riveted metal cage is not only stronger but faster because it has much less surface contact with the balls.  The seals on the bearings are doubled lipped to further prevent lubricant from leaching. Between the properties of the grease and the seals, these wheels will perform with much more consistency over time with greater reliability than traditional skateboard bearings.


Size: 72mm or 2.84”

Weight: 72g or 2.5oz

Bearing I.D. 8mm or 5/16" 608-2RS

Bearings included: Yes

Black composite rim: Yes

Hub width: 25mm or 1"

Tire profile: Pointed for performance

Airless: Yes

Number of Casters: 4 Casters with Bearings

Used on the following wheelchair products with 8mm axles: 




RMA Sport


Any sport wheelchair that uses a 72mm caster wheel with 8mm axle


Improper removal or installation of bearings can permanently damage casters, rear wheel hubs or caster stems.  Please use caution when using brute force.

Make sure you know the size and types of bearings on your wheelchair and buy the right sizes.

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