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Stimulite® Sport Cushion

Stimulite® Sport Cushion

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It is a cushion that is meant to be used for athletes. It is supposed to help with shock absorption and has excellent stability

Why Buy a Stimulite® Sport Cushion?

  1. It is made with a honeycomb material that is antimicrobial and allergen-free.
  2. It can be easily sanitized using soap and warm water or disinfectants.
  3. It has superior shock absorption and ventilation

Who Should Buy a Stimulite® Sport Cushion?

  1. People who are looking for superior shock absorption in a cushion.
  2. People who want a maximum ventilation cushion.
  3. People who need an exceptional stability cushion.
  4. People who want a total pressure management cushion.
  5. Anyone who wants a machine washable and dryer-safe cushion.
  6. Anyone who needs a standard size or non-standard size cushion.

Support Information: 

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