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Wheelchair Bearing Outer Race Removal Tools 608, R6 & R8 Kit 3-Pack

Wheelchair Bearing Outer Race Removal Tools 608, R6 & R8 Kit 3-Pack

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We created this high-quality tool kit to solve a very simple but very hard problem.  When users do not properly maintain their wheelchair bearings the bearings can fall apart leaving the outer race of the bearing inside the caster, fork, fork mount, or rear wheel.  Removing the outer race can take hours of work with a rotary tool or torch and can do lasting damage.  This tool was designed to remove the outer race of the most common bearings found in manual and some power wheelchairs.  The bearing sizes are 608, R6, and R8.

This tool is designed to work with the following Manufactures wheelchairs:

  1. R6 - Tilit Litespeed casters
  2. 608 - Any caster that users a 608 bearing
  3. R8 - Fork, fork mount, or rear wheel that uses an R8 bearing.


  1. Due to variation in the inside diameter of various manufacturers’ bearings and wanting to be usable with the broadest range, the tools are cut small so you will need to use a lot of pressure to tighten.  We cover all of this in your video.  Please contacts us if you have any questions.
  2. Improper removal or installation of bearings can permanently damage casters, rear-wheel hubs, or caster stems.  Please use caution when using brute force.
  3. Make sure you know the size and types of bearings in your wheelchair and buy the right sizes.
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