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Wheelchair Bearings

Front Caster Wheelchair Bearings 638 ABEC-3 8x28x9mm (4-Pack)

Front Caster Wheelchair Bearings 638 ABEC-3 8x28x9mm (4-Pack)

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These bearings are designed to work with most Pride Mobility and Quantum Rehab front caster wheelchair wheels, models including:

Pride Mobility:

  1. Jazzy 600
  2. Jazzy 600 XL
  3. Jazzy 610
  4. Jazzy 1107
  5. Jazzy Select
  6. Jazzy Select 6 Ultra
  7. Jazzy Select Elite
  8. Jazzy Select GT
  9. Pride TSS 300

Quantum Rehab:

  1. Quantum Q600
  2. Quantum Q600 Pediatric
  3. Quantum Q600XL
  4. Quantum Q610
  5. Quantum Q610 Pediatric
  6. Quantum Q6000
  7. Quantum Q6000XL
  8. Quantum Q6000Z
  9. Quantum Q6000Z Pediatric

Manufacturers suggest you service your wheelchair at least once a year. Your wheelchair, if not properly maintained will cause long-term damage to your body. Putting new bearings in your wheelchair and properly maintaining them is something you can do at home and will greatly reduce wear and tear on your body and allow you to go faster and roll farther.  We have developed a set of tools, found great bearings and show you how to do it.  More zoom less squeak.

High-Quality Bearings:

  1. Double lips seals for better water resistance
  2. High-Quality ABEC 3 ball bearings for better rolling
  3. High-quality salt-water resistant synthetic grease


We use high-quality bearings made for the professional cycling industry. The bearings are designed to handle harsh environments and keep on working. 

What's Included:

Each of our Bearing Kits comes with:

  1. 4x high-quality bearings,
  2. 2x cotton swabs for cleaning and remove any old grease,
  3. 2x acetone wipes to clean hubs before re-greasing them,
  4. 1x high-quality grease packet to add a bearer between the bearing and the hub and
  5. a step by step instruction booklet to make sure you are on track. 

You can also contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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