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Push Lox

PUSH LOX One-Handed Wheelchair Locking System

PUSH LOX One-Handed Wheelchair Locking System

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PUSH LOX Quick Specifications:

  • Made to Fit Main tubing sizes: 3/4" (19mm), 1" (25mm), 1.125" (29mm) and 1.25'" (32mm)
  • Made to Fit these Spinergy Wheels:  CLX, Blade LXL, LXL, LX, XLX, XSLX, SLX 18 Spoke and 24 Spoke, Spox Sport, Spox Sport X-Lace, and Spox Everyday.


PUSH LOX is an innovative product developed by a user, who has spent 10 years dealing with all kinds of wheelchairs. Push Lox wheelchair wheel locks are used to lock a wheelchair's rear wheels when they do not want the wheelchair to move. The difficulty with these products is that most require two hands to operate, which can make it difficult for users when in a hurry, especially if they only use one hand. PUSH LOX One-Handed Wheelchair Locking System is comprised of a patented LEVER and HUB LOCK design ensuring superior performance and ease of use over all other wheel locks on the market! 

There are 2 types of people in the world. Those that hate locking wheels with a heavy, bulky hub lock system and those who don't know what they're missing

Why is Push Lox unique?

  1. It was designed by a user with 10 years of experience, taking into consideration all of the users' needs.
  2. It is a stronger and more flexible product than other wheel locks on the market.
  3. It has a patented LEVER and HUB LOCK design, ensuring superior performance

Who is Push Lox made for?

  1. People who need a strong, lightweight, and flexible wheel lock system.
  2. People who want a product that is easy to use, regardless of mobility.
  3. People who need on handed operation

What's included:

  1. Push Lox Lever Assembly
  2. Tube Straps
  3. Locking Hub Rings
  4. Locking Pin Mounts
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