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Big Grips Wheelchair Transfer Grips

Big Grips Wheelchair Transfer Grips

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These transfer grips were designed to help make transfers in and out of your manual wheelchair easier and safer.  They have a contoured design to prevent your hand from slipping even if you have very little hand grip. Installation instructions are below.


Length:  4" and 2"
Tubing Sizes: 1" and 1.25"
Adhesive: 3m VHB Tape


Installation Instructions:

  1. Clean tubing where you want to install transfer grips.  Make sure to remove any grease, oils, or contamination that would prevent the table from sticking.
  2. Test fit grips to determine what angle of the top hand stop is most comfortable for you.
  3. Apply adhesive to the learn tube area, do not worry if there are some wrinkles.
  4. Install the grip by spreading the grip at the back and installing it over the tube at the angle you determined in step 2.
  5. Make sure the grip is secure by squeezing it all around the tube
  6. Test the grip to make sure it is secure before you make your first transfer


Installation Video:

Note adhesive used in the video is different than in the final product.  The final product has gray adhesive.




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